Project X

Is my dream to built a Harley powered bike from scratch and i already made a good start on it a few years ago, now i just got to finish the has been collecting dust for a while.

I collected parts for a while and in a year time i had a Cobra frame from my buddy Yankee and an early Buell swingarm from Marktplaats.

Twincam front and rear wheel with spokes and a 180 Tyre on the back. It toke a lot of time to get the rearwheel and the driveline straight but i managed to do it. The Cobra frame is an aftermarked frame with the engine1 inch off -centred to the left. Custom must be an other word for "notting fits" .....i had to modify every part connected to the rearwheel i even had to cut the Beltdrive to a smaller 1 inch :-) .

The rear wheel is already spaced and centred in the middle. The EVO 1340 CC engine is in the frame and the 5 speed tranny is hooked on it.  I got all the parts on the shelf to get the bike running and it just takes time and elbow grease. 


  Cutting the mono shock that i don't use, the swingarm is from an old Buell Lightning.
  The Cobra frame as i got it from Yankee, thanks Bro !

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