My Guitars

This page is dedicated to an other great hobbie and thats playing guitar. Ive got 3 elektric guitars and 2 Acoustic most of them have been around for years collecting dust in a corner. Then i met a guy named Rudy and i have taken private lessons at his place. He 's on of those guys you can just ask for any song, he fiddles around with cords and finds the song in a few minutes. My guitar skills are better then ever before and i practice a lot to play the songs out of my head.

I think i never will be as good as the "master" but at leased i can have fun trying :-)

This year i started a collection of guitarsongs i can play along and the list is growing every week. I like the older Rock songs and Rock Blues, here is a list of songs i have been playing lately :


Sweet Child of mine Guns and Roses
Creep Radiohead
Its only love Brian Adams
Summer of 69 Brian Adams
Walk and don't look back Peter Tosh/ Mick Jagger
The River Bruce Springsteen
Stil in mij Van Dik hout
On the road again Willy Nelson
Stuck in the middle with you Steelers Wheel
Down on the corner Creedence Clearwater Rivival
Bad moon rising Creedence Clearwater Rivival


This week i have been learing to play two Brian Adams songs : Its only love and Summer of 69.
They realy Rock on the Squire Telecaster and are easy to play and sing along.
I have never been on stage yet and at this moment i don't see myself doing that.
But i am looking for people to make music just for fun.
ESP LTD PS-1 Paramount Guitar is my second electric guitar that ia absolutely love.