My Bikes

At the moment my main ride is my Harley FXD, i use it for long rides with lots of Km per day and most of the time my wife is on the back.

Its a very comfortable bike that handles the curves very well and we usualy travel with a lot of stuff we need as we go. Its driven by a 1300 cc Evo engine and has a 5 speed gearbox., front and back breaks use a single diskbrake.

The engine is easy to maintain and i always do all the work in the back garden.

Maintanance is quite cheap too and all you need is 4 liters of 20w50 oil and 1 oil filter, two sparkplugs every 2 years and a bit of fresh oil for the primairy side and the gearbox.

The airfilter is a washable sponge type and a rinse a year is more than enough. After that a drop of oil here and there makes the sponge sticky so all the dirt gets trapped and the air filtered.

Getting French Fries in Postel Belgium.

Fuel gets into the engine by the carburator and once and a while you have to clean the floatbowl.
Mainanance on this bike is so simple you can even do it on the street if you have too.
Every part is accesable and there is no panel or shield you have to remove before you can reach it like on a racer or so.
In modern traffic the bike still keeps up with the rest when its on cruising speed. Compared to twincams its slightly slower but than again the modern twincan has a 1600 cc engine and injection.
In my honest opinion the Evo engine is the stongest and most reliable engine of all air cooled Harley engines.
Its got les parts than a twincam engine and no stupid chain driven cams.

If the engine should fall apart i probably replace it with a 1600 cc S&S EVO engine. In fact i have been driven Evo's sinds the day i bought my first Harley back in 1992 and i still do after 20 years. A second good option is a S&S Twin Cam that has already got the gear driven cams of S&S.